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New York divorce: domestic violence victims and protection orders

Married individuals who have been or currently are the victims of domestic violence, whether they reside in New York or elsewhere, often stay in their relationships due to fears of the unknown or due to feelings of the inability to move forward. This is something that is far from the truth. Those who do decide to leave the relationship through divorce or legal separation, though scary as it may seem, can do so and, along the way, receive legal protections.

A person, male or female, who desires to escape from any form of abuse that is being inflicted upon him or her by his or her partner does have options. Those who are not ready to file for divorce may look into legal separation. This is, in essence, a trial divorce. It would allow the individual to get a better understanding of how his or her life may be without his or her spouse. A person who is ready to call it quits completely can go forward and request a dissolution of marriage.

There are those who may feel taking either legal action would only make their situations worse, and they fear retaliation from their partners. It is possible to seek orders of protection to help with such matters. To learn more about protection orders and how they can help victims of domestic violence, please vis it our Order of Protection Lawyers in New York webpage.

Seeking divorce is not easy under any circumstances. Victims of domestic violence, though, have very unique needs that are not a concern for many other couples. An experienced attorney can help married domestic violence victims in New York achieve the protections they feel are needed to pursue their desired divorces and begin their lives anew.