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The topics of custody and vis itation are not easy to discuss

Every year, numerous couples throughout New York and across the country experience divorce. Many of these couples do have children to consider, which only adds more stress and anxiety to an already difficult situation. The topics of custody and vis itation will eventually come up — if not right away — and coming to an agreement about what is best for the entire family isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Thoughts and studies regarding this very topic can be found in multiple places. While a lot of the information out there can be very good and help some couples come to agreeable terms on custody arrangements, others can make parents question what is really best for their children. Whether a couple is considering joint custody or primary custody with vis itation rights, information can be found both in favor and against every type of custody plan.

For those interested in the most recent data regarding divorce and custody, a study was recently published that supports equal parenting time. The mental health of about 150,000 children of divorced parents was reviewed. According to the study, those from divorced homes and who spent equal time with both parents were the healthiest mentally.

At the end of the day, this study only represented a small percentage of the population and didn’t appear to take into account other causes of stress outside of the family unit. However, the results may be of interest to some weighing their custody and vis itation options. Divorcing parents, whether residing in New York or elsewhere, do have many difficult subjects to tackle before the dissolution of marriage is finalized. While the topics of custody and vis itation may not be the easiest things to discuss or negotiate, with some legal guidance, it is possible to create a family-specific plan that is best for the health and well-being of the children affected — regardless of whether it turns out to be a joint or primary custody arrangement.

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