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Help is available when seeking a change in child support

After a child support order has been granted, numerous parents in New York may feel there is little they can do to change it. While child support is a necessary thing to ensure children’s needs are appropriately met, a number of issues may arise that warrant the amount be changed. Seeking a post-judgment alteration in child support is not always easy to accomplish, but an experienced attorney can help in making this type of request a reality.

Over the life of a child support order, it is normal for circumstances to change. Lost jobs, reductions or increases in wages, sick children and a variety of other issues can strike at any time. This begs the questions: should parents, either custodial or non-custodial, be held to a judgment that was granted under completely different circumstances?

As previously stated, getting a support order modification will not be easy — as is true for most modification requests. However, parents should not have to be held to support orders if significant changes in circumstances have occurred. More information about requesting post-judgment modifications, and what situations may warrant changes to support orders, can be found on our website.

Child support is certainly something that can cause tension between parents, but it is impossible to predict the future and what changes may be necessary. Those in New York who feel they are in need of post-judgment support order modifications retain the right make such requests. Both custodial and non-custodial parents can, and do, benefit by refusing to accept judgments that no longer fit their current situations. If you feel you are in a situation like this, an experienced attorney can help in achieving a support order change that better suits your current circumstances.