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Who might need an attorney for a family law matter?

When most people think of needing a family law attorney, they think of divorce. While, true, a family law attorney is the person you will want on your side when seeking a fair divorce settlement, this type of attorney can also help with any family law matter. In fact, there are many reasons why individuals and families in New York may need to utilize family law services.

As previously stated, divorce is one of the main reasons a person may seek legal services. However, before marriage, a family law attorney can help with prenuptial agreements, which can be used to protect assets and set certain terms in case marriages do not work out as planned. After divorce, an attorney can assist with child support and custody issues, alimony and other post-divorce modification needs.

In addition to helping to resolve marital issues, family law attorneys also assist with adoption cases, domestic violence problems and resolutions, and paternity issues. As every situation is different, it is possible to find services that address the needs specific to your individual circumstances. To learn more about the different areas with which a family law attorney can assist, please vis it our website.

So, who might need a family law attorney? The answer is simple actually. People who are getting married, getting divorced, considering adoption, needing modifications made to spousal or child support, or who face another family issue can benefit from the assistance of a family law attorney. An experienced family law attorney can help residents of New York settle a family law matter in a reasonable manner, and, in some cases, this can be done out of court, while others may require litigation. In either case, it is possible to achieve a desirable outcome — one that serves your best interests.