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New York prenuptial agreement: give adequate time to negotiate

Depending on personal circumstances, some couples may automatically assume a prenuptial agreement will be created before they say their I do’s. Others, however, may not expect such a document to be presented to them from their significant other. Those who are considering a prenuptial agreement, whether they live in New York or elsewhere, have a lot to think about, and both soon-to-be spouses should be given sufficient time to negotiate and review the specifics of a marital contract.

Bringing up the idea of a prenup can be an intimidating task. Some may be afraid that suggesting such a thing will put a damper on the relationship and the excitement of the impending marriage. At the end of the day, however, the way this subject is approached can make all the difference.

If each spouse is given adequate time to negotiate the specifics of a prenup, it can make the process flow fairly smoothly. While difficult and complex issues may come up, having time to work through those issues can take a lot of stress out of creating a marital agreement. In most cases, prenups can be kept pretty straightforward and simply include who is to pay for what and how things are to be divided in the event of divorce. However, some couples may wish to include more specific detail regarding marital expectations.

The good thing about a prenuptial agreement is that it can be tailored to a couple’s specific wants, needs and circumstances. Soon-to-be spouses in New York, regardless of their current financial status, can benefit from creating such a document. A matrimonial law attorney may be able to help by bringing the knowledge of state marriage and divorce laws to the table and, if needed, assisting in the negotiation process.

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