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New York divorce proceedings — what to expect

Coming to the decision to proceed with a divorce is not one that couples in New York tend to make lightly. It is tough to know if taking such a significant step is really the right choice. While the unknown can be frightening, knowledge is power, and gaining an understanding of the process of divorce and what to expect can make this decision a little easier to handle.

While every couples’ situation and needs are different, there are a few things most will experience when proceeding with a divorce. One of the first things one, or both, spouses will do is seek an experienced attorney to assist with filing a divorce petition and all other necessary documents. After a petition is filed, each spouse is typically given a specified amount of time in order to exchange information that is relevant to marital issues and necessary for negotiating a fair settlement. Once both parties receive the required information, the terms of a settlement can be reached in private, with the help of an attorney or with the use of mediation services.

For cases that are pretty straight forward, little court time will be needed. A settlement may be reached out of court and quickly approved by a judge. However, cases that are more complex in nature may require more time and a trial. More information about complex divorce cases, and the divorce process in general, can be found on our website under FAQ: Family Law.

Having an idea of what to expect and how the process of divorce works can be helpful, not only when working through the process but also when trying to decide if it is something worth pursuing. There is no doubt about it, divorce is hard on all involved. For couples in New York who are ready to take this step, an experienced family law attorney can assist by making this trying and difficult time as easy as possible.