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Divorce during the holidays can be hard on New York families

Working through the divorce process isn’t an easy task any time of the year, but those who are doing this during the holiday season may find the timing even more challenging. Thanksgiving and Christmas are big events for most New York families, and while a divorce may seem to put a damper on festivities, it is possible to get through it and still enjoy family time. Achieving this won’t be an easy task and takes a conscious effort, but those willing to put in the work can certainly enjoy, rather than dread, this holiday season.

New York couples who are finalizing a divorce during the holidays may have to make adjustments to their usual holiday routine. It is important to remember that, even though it is difficult, change can also be a good thing. This is a great time to consider what new holiday traditions can be started to give this time special meaning. From deciding how to spend time with kids and family to taking a “me” day, there a number of ways to celebrate and still find joy during this trying time.

Along with working out a new holiday routine, it is also important to table any resentment and seek help when needed. Feeling frustrated during this time is completely understandable, but it doesn’t have to overshadow every part of a person’s life. Understanding that it is okay to ask for help from friends, family members or even professionals is something all divorcing spouses need to know.

There is no doubt about it — divorce and the holiday season don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. While the timing may not be ideal, New York couples who are starting, working through or finalizing a divorce during the holidays can still make this time of year special for themselves and their families. Keeping the lines of communication open and positive will play a big part in keeping the holidays upbeat and, with proper legal assistance, help couples in finalizing a divorce settlement that is fair for everyone involved.

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