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Getting married? A marital agreement may be a good idea

Couples in New York that are considering marriage may also want to consider getting a prenup. This valuable marital agreement does more than just protect assets — which was a topic covered in a previous post. If properly designed, it can provide a legal contract for expectations during a marriage and serve as a guide for dividing property should the marriage end in divorce or premature death.

Taking time to create a prenuptial agreement can help avoid costly litigation in the future and help both parties enter marriage knowing their interests are fully protected. However, in order for this to be achieved, it is important to ensure that every little detail is accounted for. With the help of an attorney who specializes in marital contracts, couples can devise an agreement that truly meets all their needs.

There is no harm in planning for the future and wanting some level of security in place before entering marriage. To learn more about how an attorney can help in these areas by creating a prenuptial agreement, please vis it our New York Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys page. If needed, these agreements can be modified at a later date to account for any assets and/or liabilities accrued during the marriage.

Not all couples will feel an immediate need for a marital agreement. However, those that are on the fence about it could benefit from speaking with a matrimonial law attorney in New York. Taking this step can help couples determine if creating such a document would truly serve the best interests of the couple as a whole and each party individually.