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Children with ADHD may require higher child support amount

Divorce affects numerous families in New York every year. Parents working their way through this process know best what, if any, special needs their children may have that require extra support. These needs can be taken into account when negotiating the child support amount that will be needed each month to ensure these children are receiving the care they require.

As October is National ADHD Awareness Month, it seems appropriate to discuss some of the needs children with this disorder may need to help them get through the day. Every case of ADHD is different. Some cases require little to no treatment or specialized services, while other cases are more extreme. Children on the extreme end of the ADHD spectrum may require a number of different things in order to function daily, including:

  • Medication
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Specialized Childcare

As divorced parents typically have to work in order to support themselves, having adequate childcare is a huge concern, especially if their child has very specific needs. Children with ADHD tend to flourish in an environment that is highly structured, and behavioral management techniques employed throughout the day are proven to help children with severe cases of ADHD, but consistency on both fronts is key. Finding a childcare facility or an in-home childcare provider that will offer this structure isn’t always easy and can be quite expensive.

The state of New York sets certain guidelines for the minimum child support amount that is required to be paid in each case. However, special circumstances can affect the final support order. The monthly costs associated with children who need specialized treatment and care can be negotiated into a child support payment schedule to ensure the necessary care required for these children to succeed can be attained.

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