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Families in New York may need help with child support issues

Divorce affects numerous families in New York every year. With divorce comes a lot of questions and concerns, especially regarding how to adequately continue to support the needs of any children involved. This is where a properly negotiated child support agreement can make a significant impact.

New York, like most other states, does have a minimum requirement concerning child support payments; however, a different amount can be negotiated. When calculating a child support order, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, which include income level and the number of children. A few other factors that will likely affect the amount of a child support order can be viewed on our Child Support Lawyers page.

Money matters in divorce, including child support calculations, can affect finances for years to come. As separating a household can be an expensive affair, post divorce finances can be a difficult adjustment. Creating a child support order that suits the financial interests of both parents and still provides adequate funds for the children’s needs can, without a doubt, be a challenge, but it is possible.

An attorney who is experienced in New York child support issues can provide guidance and legal knowledge concerning rights and obligations that may affect your support case. As post divorce finances are greatly affected by a support order, either as payor or payee, it is imperative to have someone fighting for your best interests throughout this process. While it may take time and require some negotiation, it is possible to reach an agreement on child support matters that is fair for not only both parents, but also for the children.

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